Change of circumstances (Partner has left property

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    We recd a notification dated 20th Mar 03, £5592.48 CTC & £972.44 WTC awarded for a couple who are both working. Mrs is the claimant for tax credit purposes. That’s not a problem, however the Mr has left the property so Mrs has now claimed on her own.

    Instead of receiving a revised notification, we have recd a new notification. This has been checked with the IR, they have informed that as it’s is a major change of circ’s a new claim is done.

    The new notification dated 2 Sep 03 is as follows: –

    £4228.40 CTC & £1968.26 WTC.

    Does anybody know how to deal with this case? Do you just end the old notification from when the new started or from when the last payment was made? Do you calculate the 2nd notification by working out the number days the period covers x 7?

    Please could someone gives suggests even if they are not sure.


    Vicky 😕

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