Change in rooms…2 for 1 question.

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    May sound like a simple question (and probably is) but if someone moves address within a private house (not a joint tenancy) is this a reportable change?

    If yes is this still applicable if you are treating the whole property/house as a ‘hostel’ so that the LA only has to refer one room per property.

    Finally if you are treating them as a ‘hostel’ who are people defined as ‘persons generally or for a class of persons’ and therefore implies a degree of multi occupancy could this be an ‘exempt accommodation’ property which has 3 rooms, arguably be classed as a hostel??

    Ok appreciate this is 3 questions really…..


    Sorry, answer a ? with a ?. Is the accommodation a hostel as defined by regs or a HMO? You have the answer, as you have the details. 🙂

    Yes, moving within the same dwelling is a reportable change.

    Can’t see how it’s exempt, based on your post, but it could be. Sorry can’t be of much help, methinks much more info required and I’m sure you will get better responses!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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