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    I have no problem with the rules regarding whether or not a change in circs is reported ‘timeously’ by the claimant. However, I would be grateful if anyone could enlighten me as to how the LA will know whether The Pension Service were notified late? ETD/RAT?

    To be quite honest, I remember the question being raised at the Camden conference, but don’t seem to have noted down the response!


    Originally I was under the impression that the ETD would not hold details such as late notification of changes of circs and we would be required to check individual cases via the RAT. However, the Camden conference seemed to indicate that the ETD would hold this information.

    A ‘Late Notification’ indicator will be in operation on HBIS but without knowing what constitutes ‘Late Notification’, when would we use this indicator?

    I would be interested if anyone know the answer to this?


    I have posed this question to the DWP on Monday (15th) and am awaiting a response. Will post it when I get it.

    From memory (it’s been on a question log somewhere), the timescale that the Pension Service will work to will be the same as HB, namely “timeously” means within one month but willing to be corrected on that.

    One additional point, in the guidance booklet that is sent out to PC recipients advising them of CoC’s to advise, no mention is made of any time limit (although it does say the booklet is for general guidance and is not law).

    Julian Hobson

    Peter DLM – any movement on the “line to take” document that you let me have sight of ? (sorry to everyone else) I’m sure peter will enlighten us.


    Further to my earlier posting – the DWP are awaiting a definitive response from their IT people. We will be advised.


    The response from DWP is that the local authority will need to telephone the Pension Service contact number and ask them when the information was received in every instance. Otherwise they will not be able to work out the correct date for a revision or supersession and the resulting over and underpayment.

    This is not exactly what you needed to hear I suspect ……

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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