Changing rooms within same property within same week

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    I am looking at a case at the moment where HB has been awarded to a customer on the basis that he was renting a room in a property with the LL in residence.

    I have spoken to the landlord today and he now says that the tenant does not have a specifically allocated room. They are allowing the tenant to stay in a part of their property that they run as a B&B at a reduced rate. Because of the reduced rate being charged, the landlord has said that the claimant will be allocated a room dependant upon whether they have a booking which is charged at the full B&B rate, so potentially could be moved around daily. The customer is not living under B&B arrangements i.e. no meals are being provided.

    I’m not sure if this is a problem or not! Claim is being paid as LHA which is substantially lower than the weekly rent liability.

    Just wanted to here some views about this unusual situation.

    Thank you

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