Child Benefit and Terminal Date

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    I have a scenario where CHB ended 06 Sep 2010 as course has been withdrawn. they have now started part time work. They are aged 19.

    I am reading details on terminal dates and it suggests we would make them a Non-dependant from end of November and not from date CHB ended.

    Can someone help on this matter – thanks


    A person remains a qualifying young person for child benefit purposes where they have left education up to and including the week including the terminal date. The terminal date is whichever of the dates which occurs after they had ceased education or training.

    So either the last day in August, or the last day in November.

    Normally CB would end on the last day in August for a young person no longer undertaking education. However If CB decided to end this after the last day in August I would presume from the opening statement that the terminal date would be the last day in November.

    However if their 19th birthday was after the CB end date then they would no longer count as a qualfying young person as the course must have started before reaching the age of 19. It may depend on when the birthday was.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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