Child Benefit changes again

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    I know there is a thread below but I have a query relating to Circ A6. Can I assume that there is an absolute cut-off of the 20th birthday, in which case my confusion is around these 4 new terminal dates mentioned in para 22. What if the person’s relevant terminal date falls after their 20th birthday? What date takes precedence? Apologies if there is an obvious answer in the circular, but I can’t find it!


    Partly answering my own question and replacing it with another! Para 16 seems to suggest that age 20 is an “absolute cut-off”.

    But the circular also states that the terminal date for ChB is Monday following the dates they have listed. So is the change of circs for HB/CTB the Monday following that?


    ….and I haven’t even mentioned the apparent contradiction between paras 19 and 22 as to what the “terminal date” actually is!

    Andy Thurman

    Hi Andy,
    Just got stuck into A6 this pm. 👿

    Looking at the CHB regs, the terminal dates are last day in Feb, May, Aug, Nov. but the period of additional CHB is “up to and including” “the week including the terminal date”. This suggests to me that we take the Monday after this as the date of change and (as you were saying) this takes effect for HB/CTB from the Monday after that! Doesn’t ‘feel’ right but that’s how it all reads!! 🙄

    The 20 yr old bit is even more confusing/annoying 😕 👿

    CHB Regs state: “if he attains the age of 20 on or before that [i:6a986ad974](terminal)[/i:6a986ad974] date, the week including the last Monday before he attains that age”.

    So, if you are 20 on a Monday, you get a week’s less CHB than if your birthday is the following day! 🙄

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