child care during the 4 week run on period

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    Looking at the amount of the four weeks run on payment it would appear that the child care element was included.
    Our claimants job ended and she started to claim income support as a lone parent.
    are there any grounds that allow us to disregard the child care charges during this four week period, if cutsomer did continue to incur them (we dont actually know if she did at this stage )
    looking at reg 28, only seems to allow for this where the worker starts maternity leave or is sick , but our customer claimed income support on the basis of being a lone parent
    Am i correct in thinking we cant allow the child care charges even if taxcredits continued to allow them for the four week run on


    Correct me if I’m wrong but if she’s on I/S she will get full HB. So why why does it matter if the child care charges are disregarded or not?

    Also if she goes from work to I/S why are you considering a 4 week run-on?

    Or have I got the wrong end of the stick? 😀


    sorry i didnt make the post clear enough,
    when customers job ended she was awarded the four week working tax credit run on, and as her income from her working tax credit exceeded her applicable amount she did not qualify for income support until four weeks after her job ended.
    Example :
    job ended 13/08/2010
    awarded working tax credit run on from 14/08/2010 to 10/09/2010 (for this period her wtc continued to include the child care element )
    awarded income support from 11/09/2010


    Ahh, got it now.

    I think you’re right. She’s not sick, on maternity leave etc so I don’t see how child care costs can be disregarded for the period she wasn’t working but I/S wasn’t awarded.

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