is this child part of the family?

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    I could do with some help with this query. Wee have a claimant who has taken in a friend of her daughter’s. The girl was 15 when she moved in, in March and has just turned 16. It appears that this girl has left home; all the claimant has told us is that “she refuses to go home”. The claimant does not get Child Benefit or child tax credits for this girl. I assume her mother does. We have been told that this child is not at school but is being home schooled as she has “emotional problems”. The claimant has not been very forth coming with information.
    Would we assume that this child is not part of the claimant’s household? We have no idea how long she will be there. If you would include her, then what do we do with a home schooled child? Would we need to check that this is with the approval of the education authority? If she is not studying for GCSEs etc, can we still count her as being in full time education?

    John Boxall


    Have they registerd this arrangement? While it is not required now the girl is 16, they were required to do so when she was under 15.

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    Have no idea, the claimant hasnt given us many details, we need to ask for more information, so now I know we can ask about fostering. Thanks

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