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    Has anyone got Homeworkers who are using CIS at home? What are they doing about completing the Last 1 for test checks and Last 2 for “typos” Has someone got an electronic version of these forms that they are willing to share??? or do you do something else???


    Hi, I work from home but currently dont have access to CIS here. It is in the pipline though and should have been ready to use a couple of weeks ago but due to a technical problem (the way we connect to the server from home), it hasnt been done yet. If you send me your email address I will find out the details that you need as we must have already gone down that route to allow us to use it. Thanks Therese



    Our homeworkers have just got access to CIS – we queried the LAST 1 and LAST 2 issue with DWP – they confirmed that they wanted the forms to be manually signed by the appropriate assessment officer. They thought it wouldn’t be a problem as the officer could then just bring it into the office within the next couple of days!
    We have arranged with ours that they will email the office if they get test checked so we have a record of it. We print this off and put it with the report the next day – we then wait for them to come in for training/1-1’s when they complete the Last1.
    The only problem would be if they then get picked for the 48 hour percentage in which case those that could get to the office would have to bring it in or a visiting officer would call round (luckily not had one of those yet)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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