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    We have been using this system for a few months now, and we are just about getting the hang of it, but we have come across big discrepancies when it comes to income support claims.

    When checking new claims if the previous line on the CIS screen states 0.00, and the new line has an award – don’t trust this. We have found that the new line is the old award details.

    When you take the details option it shows as if it is still active – this is not the case, ’cause if you check the actual award date you will see that it is the original award date.

    We have found that when we contact the DWP, they confirm that the actual award has ceased and nothing is in payment – this has meant a lot of incorrect awards have been made on the HB/CTB accounts, that we are having to reverse and make unrecoverable.

    Hope this makes sense to you all, but I thought that I better warn other users to double check any new awards.. 🙄

    and here was us thinking that the new CIS was a great tool – sorry, not the case – still having to use the phone !! 😕


    What about other authorities that use CIS, do you trust it?

    Are you trusting it or carrying on phoning up or relying on ETD’s and phone calls to the DWP?



    I think you have to trust the information unless you have reason to believe otherwise.
    It is true that some info is displayed incorrectly (if an o/p then DWP error not recoverable?), but there is not the time to follow up all reported benefit awards.
    If there is any consolation, the RAT was exactly the same, and indeed, some of the stuff we have had supplied from the DWP before now has proved distinctly dodgy. 8)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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