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    anyone out there having problems getting through to their regional processing centre on the phone?

    We have several cases where the CIS gives conflicting information to the customer, the local office will only put a 7 turn round request into the same regional office we’re trying to get through to, so we can’t send the customer to the local JCP+.

    We were categorically assured that this would be sorted by July and we simply can’t get through on the phone. 🙄

    Has anyone managed to solve this sticky issue? 😥


    In a word, No!


    thanks Martin

    we have had further problems today;

    we contacted the customer service manager at the regional processing centre who kindly advised that the 4 phone numbers we had been using were obselete (they were still active but no one answers them and there’s no voicemail)
    They have set up an email query facility (JCP+ did this for the last LA I worked for and within 10 days the emails were being bounced back as their inbox was full)
    When questioned which phone numbers we could use the customer service manager was unable to confirm them.
    Is this a national problem, and for LAs who have caseloads with loads of JCP cases awaiting a decision, surely their PM1 figures are going to suffer?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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