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    The latest implementation advice includes:

    [quote:a0a63b82e1]Secure Print Operators (SPOs) in LAs should ensure they access the Management check option in CIS on a daily basis as failure to do so may result in inappropriate data being displayed to the screen. [/quote:a0a63b82e1]

    Based on the work patterns of the officers that we are thinking of making SPO, there may well be occasions where there will be 1 or 2 days when no SPO is at work. (And this is with the role being given to 3 officers).

    Does anyone using CIS live not always print reports every day, and if so, is it easy to catch up?


    It is not easy to catch up, as the reports may be deleted – they are only there for a couple of days.
    We have ensured that our SPOs are not all off at the same time – and to ensure this we now have created another SPO. We now have 3 full time staff as SPOs in all. Seems to work fine. 8)


    We made our SPO’s out of Senior Officers and Managers to ensure there is always someone in the office to print them off.

    The only other thing to bear in mind is the problem with the Printer Friendly Option at the moment, basically if you don’t do something to the cache file (at this point it got a bit technial and my will to live started to drain…) when you go in to retrieve your test checks you pick up details for other LA’s users.

    It is detailed in circular G6 (12).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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