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    If someone puts a claim in next week and states that they have moved into the property but their tenancy does not start until 07.04.08 do they come under the LHA rules?


    As I understand it, it depends on the date the claim is treated as being made.

    If the date the claim is treated as being made is before 7th April 2008, the claim will be subject to Rent officer Scheme regardless of when they moved into the property. If the date we treat the claim as being made is after the 7th April 2008, they will go on to LHA scheme.

    Hope this makes sense!



    A claim made on or before 6 April 2008 (even when the tenant does not move in until after 7 April) is treated under old RO rules? is it really that simple?

    Is there a specific regulation for this suituation?

    I see that the Extended Payment rules say that the claim is treated as made immediately after the EP period ends – which would cover the situation if someone claimed before 7 April – in advance of their EP coming to an end (and assuming it ends on or after 7 April) ie they would fall under LHA.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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