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    Is anyone altering their claim form to include questions around the two new exemptions for former residents of specialist hostels for the homeless and ex-offenders?

    We aren’t sure which way to jump on this – the alternative to the claim form could be issuing a letter to all new claims who fit the age criteria detailing the exemptions and asking for info if they meet the exemption criteria.(existing claimants who move will have their history following them, so those should be OK)



    We needed to re-print our claim recently and took the opportunity to include questions regarding the exemptions to the 25 – 35 restriction. Our MAPPA team have told us there is nobody in the ex-offender category in this inner London Borough who will benefit from the ex-offender exemption. But, of course, there may be in the future. We are writing to all 400 affected 25-35s warning of the impending change and informing them of the other exemption (and also about the exemption for some DLA(CC) claimants, in case we hadn’t picked these up).


    We decided to update our claim form, change of address form and online claim form to group the LHA and RO exemptions and additional carer questions in one area. So yes, we have added trigger questions for the new exemptions, because like the additional overnight carer you can easily overlook the rarer claims and potentially underpay them. These all need follow up though to confirm criteria are met.

    With existing claims we sent an exemption questionnaire, which did identify some unknown severe disability premium claims. Too early for the new exemptions, but you could make particular support projects aware and probation services so that the trigger questions are answered Yes.

    Debbie Sharpe

    Any chance you could share the trigger questions you have asked around the two new exemptions?


    Hi Guy

    I have just PM’d you too for the same info a Debbie

    Thanks a lot


    I can but I will be modifying them slightly on the next version in light of A12/2011. I did mine earlier this year approx August 2011, as we were duue to re order stock, but when we just had A6/2011 and the dear benefit manager letter.

    Essentially what I decided to do was to group the LHA addtional questions in one part. So I added the overnight non resident carer question with the exemption questions. An earlier G circular had already recommnded this for the April 2011 LHA changes.

    Read A12/2011 and you may want to be broader with the former homeless hostel exemption. Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) is the best euphemism for ex violent or sexual offencer, which I would obviously not recommend including.

    Andy Thurman

    [quote=guy]Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) is the best euphemism for ex violent or sexual offencer, which I would obviously not recommend including.[/quote]

    Why ever not? 😉

    I wonder how the general public would react if they knew that it will soon be possible for some individuals to increase benefit entitlement by engaging in violent/sexual offences?!?

    “I need self-contained accommodation so that my estranged children can come to me at weekends”. “Tough”.

    “I need self-contained accommodation as otherwise I’ll hurt someone”. “Go for it.”

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