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    New claim form recd 25/04/2006- claimant moved from out of area – pensioner in receipt of PC(G) and was receiving benefit at old address.

    Tenancy started 220406 and rent liability is 4 weekly.

    following the coc rules we have also become confused over new claims.

    When would you start the benefit from? and why?


    Don’t think the CoC rule changes make any difference here.

    It’s a new claim innit?

    As its a a person aged over 60 making a new claim you could treat the date of claim as being up to 12 months ago – unless there is anything to limit that time.

    Clearly there is no need to go back very far because she has just moved into the area and was getting benefit previously. But you can easily go back far enough to catch the new tenancy on 22/04/2006. That’s all that’s needed – and its well within the scope of “treating a claim as though it was made up to a year and a day ago…” (rough quote from the regs – left my anorak at home today)

    My QuickCalc start dates calculator puts the start date for HB at 17/04/2006 – that being the Monday of the benefit week where liability starts.

    In fact thinking about it the person could have that date as their HB start date even if they were aged under 60 – rule being that they are on a passport benefit and have claimed HB within a month of liability commencing.

    QuickCalc start dates calc here: – see menu at right for “extra tools”. 4 weekly rent counts as “weekly” in calc tool. Choices are Weekly [i:a270e8b9f9](or based on weeks)[/i:a270e8b9f9] and Monthly.


    Is it not the case now that from April 2006 HB can only be awarded for the days the person is occupying the home and is liable to pay rent, so assuming the claimant only moved in on 22/04/06 HB can only be awarded from this date?


    Yes I think you’re correct Nicki.b.

    Benefit could be awarded from Monday 17th but it would only be for the actual liability for that week e.g. 2 days 22 – 24 April.

    So HB in week 1 (17-23 April) would be for 2 days rent.

    Some clarification of this in Circ A8 – 2006 (FAQs)
    See questions 11 and 12.


    this is the decision I came to

    Many thanks

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