Claim/Account/Property Restrictions

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    Good morning,

    Northgate Revs & Bens provides the functionality to restrict or allow access to claims, accounts and properties for individual users.

    We use this functionality to block users from viewing their own accounts or anything they have an interest in. We currently use the account and claim restrictions where applicable.

    However we have a member of staff with a family member that is a landlord and we have been asked to restrict access to these properties and relating accounts/claims. I believed that restricting access to the relevant property would in turn restrict access to any accounts or claims for that property, therefore no need to constantly update the restrictions when liability/benefits change. However I have just tested the property restrictions and this is not how it works. Therefore I will need to prohibit access to the individual accounts/claims with a risk that when the liability/benefits change, the user will no longer be prohibited from accessing the new accounts/claims associated to the property unless we are kept updated.

    Has anyone else come across this problem? Did you find a suitable way of restricting access? If you did I would appreciate knowing how you achieved this?

    Thanks in advance.


    Update: I thought I could perhaps write a Business Objects report to return all restrictions, the date input, and the start and end date of the associated account/claim. However I can’t seem to find any objects in Business Objects relating to restrictions. If they are there and someone knows where, please let me know?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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