Claimant with boyfriend from Morocco

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    Jane Spencer

    I have a claimant who has recently had her boyfriend from Morocco move in with her. He had no NINO then but has now, he has no recourse to public funds, I have included him on her claim and she doesn’t qualify. I have advised her to contact tax credits as he doesn’t work and she is getting child care cost element on her tax credits. Reducing this may bring her back into benefit. She has now provided me a new tax credit letter and HMRC haven’t included him, that’s if she’s told them. I just need clarification that i’ve taken the right action as she is appealing my decision.

    By the way i can see why she moved him here!!!


    What you have done sounds right to me, and obviously she should report her change of circumstance to HMRC, not as a tactic to reduce her income for HB/CTB but simply because she should do that anyway. But I would emphasise that for as long as she continues to receive the child care element of WTC she is actually better off that way: give me a choice between a £1 and 65p or 85p, I’ll take the £1 thanks very much – and if she is some way over the limit for HB/CTB at the moment, she will have to give up a lot of £1s before she even gets her first 65p/20p back.

    Jane Spencer

    Thanks Peter, she is actually moaning that she can’t afford to live without her HB/CTB, but she’s still paying child care costs even though he doesn’t work, some people want it all ways round.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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