Claimant moves from SC on to GC in April?

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    This is probably obvious but if a claimant who is on Savings Credit moves on to Guaranteed Credit with effect from the 09.04.2007 -when do we action this from. Is it from the 16.04.2007 (the following monday) in line with a normal change of circs or from the start of april under the uprating rules? As we ahve a difference of opinion. What regs would govern this?


    The change from SC to GC is a consequence of the upratings.On the assumption that, for this claimant this is effective from 01 April, then I would say coc is 26 March, being the Monday of the week that entitlement to HB increases (SPC reg 60(2))


    What about reg 60(9) of the Housing Benefit (Persons who have…etc) Regulations 2006?

    Andy Thurman

    I agree with Andy – Reg 60(9) in line with other upratings.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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