claimant in UK non-separated partner lives abroad.

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    We have two cases this week where the claimant is in the UK but the non-separated partner lives abroad.

    Case 1 –

    Lithuanian over here claiming JSA, wife lives in Poland with the children one at school one at Uni and she is a School Teacher. When he returns to Poland he lives with them as a family, and is supporting them whilst over here. He is getting Chb from the UK.

    Is he still entitled to HB as supporting family,  do we be take partners income etc into account in the assessment as they are not separated.

    Case 2. –

    British woman married her Tunisian boyfriend and will not move to Tunisia due to the trouble out there. He will not move here due to new immigration rules and she states he cannot support her as he only earns £200 per month, she is disabled and cared for by her daughter. Not sure the reason they have married if not intending to live together.

    Do we just ignore him in the claim or should we take him into account?

    Any help with the way forward with non-separated partner living abroad would be helpful as we now seem to be getting a few of these and we want to make sure we do them right.



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