Claimant vacates and partner reclaims – dates query

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    Hi Everyone

    We have a query of which date to input this change of Circs / New claim from.

    The household composes of :

    Mr B – Main claimant
    Mrs B- Claimant partner
    2 x Children under 16

    We use the Academy system.

    The claimant has vacated the household on 19th April. Leaving his partner and the children. The partner wrote in to us on 11.05.09 advising that Mr B was the claimant and vacated. We received her CMS input document for income support on 28.04.09.

    Our question is what date to:

    a)Apply the change of circumstances from? The Ctax liability has changed as a Single Person discount (SPD) would apply from 19.04.09. So as liability has changed would you do the Ctax from the 19.04.09? What about his HB would you cancel it from the Monday following his vacation or as it’s a multiple change of circs would you cancel it all from the 19.04.09. We do not know what address Mr B has moved to.

    This leads me to our 2nd question as this answer depends on how you treat question a.

    b)When would you start her claim from? She has claimed via an Input document (1st contact 23.04.09, we received on 28.04.09, Income support awarded from 23.04.09). Would you start her claim from the Monday following her I.S. award or would you input both HB/CTB from 19.04.09 or would you apply CTB from 19.04.09 and HB from 20.04.09. Would she have to request backdating under good cause?

    Apologies for the long winded question but require a definitive answer as we keep going round in circle when looking at the regs.

    Many Thanks



    For what it’s worth I think you should terminate the CTB claim of Mr from the 19/4. Not sure where the multiple changes rule comes into his HB claim. As far as I can see only one change has occurred, the change of address (remember award of a SPD is not a change for the purpose of HB). I would therefore stop HB from the 20/4.

    As for the new claim from Mrs I would take a look at HBR 83(5)(c). As the claim has been made within one month of the seperation, the date of claim is the date of seperation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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