Claimants moving from IS/JSAIB – Additional 4 weeks

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    I refer to para 480 of the Guide. How doyou think this will opperate in practice?
    ETD notification states 4 week run on.
    We oblige.
    PS (honouring their promise) sort out the new PC entitlement within same 4 week period.

    There was a compulsion in old reg 67(1)(b) to end the benefit period for IS/JSAIB cases and to invite a new claim. Is there still a similar compulsion under PC regulations?
    Or do you in effect treat the events as a series of coc without the need to invite a new claim,i.e. award the 4 week period and then assess based on the new PC entitlement.
    Many thanks


    I think it’s a change of circs during an open-ended award.

    I say this because the “new” regs start to apply to any claimant or partner over 60 the instant that they cease to be on IS or JSA(ib). Since the four-week run on takes them beyond that magic threshold, they will already be subject to the new Regs by the end of the 4 weeks. That means no benefit period, so no end of benefit period.


    Thanks for that Peter
    What would be your opinion if the PS did not sort out (as they aim to do) the PC entitlement within the 4 week ‘run on’ period?
    Do we base our assessment on the income available to the claimant at that time?
    I will answer my own question – Yes
    We then presumably include PC on the claim when it has been decided.


    Not that this will make it alright if we don’t get our pensioner claims back in payment for the end of the continuation payment, but the DWP are not intending to collect stats, as they do with Ext Pay’s. I do not feel we need a form but am concerned that I will have claims that are not in payment. what if the continuation of payment has been awarded because they claimed the PC but then failed to complete or chose to not puruse that claim? it leaves us with an end date on the benefit but no termination or claim.


    You would only have an end date for ‘the benefit run on’. What we have is a sequence of changes in circumstance which are actioned individually. The claim at the end of the benefit run on can be assessed based on normal retirment pension income etc. There is no provision to include a notional pension credit. That said I appreciate the concern expressed regarding the abcense of a form and the risks that this poses to claim administration (our old friends fraud & error!
    🙁 )

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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