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    If a claimant puts in a form say 10 weeks in advance what LHA rate would be used. I am going for the date that entitlement starts. Equally if a claim is made next week based on a known change beginning the end of April 08 would it be an LHA claim or a non LHA claim?


    Deemed date of claim set by HB 83(10):

    [quote:06677f2944]a date in the benefit week immediately preceding the first benefit week of that period of entitlement [/quote:06677f2944]

    Could this mean having to choose between two months LHA rates? Possibly in my view if entitlement is to start say Monday 4th August. Date of claim could be any day in the week commencing 28th July i.e. July or August’s rate may apply. We tend to use Sunday of the week before in these cases (for stats, obviously) but nothing to stop you using the Monday if you felt like it.

    Julian Stanbury

    I’d agree, you have the scope to place the date of claim whereever you want it in the preceeding benefit week.

    I have the same problems with date of claim for a new claim following an extended payment. Though it might be as simple as the date of claim for the new period is the date of receipt, unless the claim was made in the first three weeks of the EP, in which case, a date of claim for a claim in advance might be suitable.


    Sorry, silly to not be sure 6 months in!

    Claim received 14.10.08, returned for info which was received 31.10.08. Tenancy does not start until 01.11.08 – Can we use the Nov rate?


    I’d say October based on 83(10) above ie week before entitlement

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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