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    Amendment 10.
    Section 1503 (points to remember).
    The advice given in this section is “the relevent date that decides when you will take change of circumstance action is the date of final instalment at the unrevised rate is paid”.
    Amendment 9.
    Sections 1307-1308 (date change of circumstances takes effect).
    States “the date the change of circumstance, in respect of the change in the tax credit income, occurs depends on the payment frequency of the tax credit”.
    Example 1 (1308) states “the change of circumstance in respect of the change in income occurs on the date of payment of the first revised instalment for the new period of the award an will take effect from the following Monday”
    This seems to me as contradictory. Might it be that section 1503 is taking referring to what happens with a particular case in point i.e. 4 weekly payments, and forgetting the implications that this advice can lead to as a consequence to the different payment frequencies?


    Yes I thought this was a bit incomplete too.

    I’m going to carry on as before – maintaining the difference between 4 wk pay cycle and 1 wk pay cycle where appropriate.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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