Clmt works and rents in the UK but owns property abroad

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    Dear anyone and all


    Clmt works in the UK as Company Secretary for a property lettings company, which is owned by her alleged partner and were their (clmts and alleged partners) only son is also a Director.

    Clmt rents a property in the UK and has her landline telephone/fax number, assigned to her rented property, quoted on business correspondence. The property is rented from a Housing Association.

    Clmt also owns a property abroad, which serves as a home to her son and step-mother (late father deceased; so a side question, is she still classed as a relative – I don’t think so). The son still being in f/t education aboard, satisfying HM Revs & Customs for the purposes of CHB.

    The alleged partner also lives and works abroad, although his home is supposedly different to that of the clmts but in the same village.

    Clmt returns to the home abroad several times a year.

    So my questions based loosely on the above facts.

    1. Can the property in the UK rented by the clmt correctly receive HB? As I have a niggle in the back of my mind that it can’t because it is occupied solely to carry out duties relating to employment.

    Never received a claim for clmt at property whilst claiming primary benefits.

    2. I don’t believe that the property in the UK can be classed as the clmts sole or main residence for the purpose of HB/CTB or CTAX because she has more reason to consider the property abroad as her home due to having more of a security of tenure on the property abroad, her son lives there whilst studying abroad, she returns there on a regular basis, and the majority of her personal belongings could be deemed as being there. Am I correct in my assumption??

    Any and all help gratefully received as ever.
    Kind regards

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