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    Date of first contact 27/04/06

    Date Customer Statement rec’d 30/05/06

    JSA(C) awarded 27/04/06

    We would like to award benefit from Mon following CS rec’d date as IS/JSA(IB) not awarded and CS not rec’d within one month of first contact. Is this correct?


    Can’t see anything wrong with that decision.

    Unless you consider the delay submitting form within 1 month of first contact date to be reasonable. Its only 4 days over so wouldn’t need a spectacular reason.


    Do you mean the date the form was rcvd by you or the DWP. If it was due to a delay by the DWP then that could be enough reason to go from the earlier date.


    Can anyone help with dates for this one?

    Date of first contact 07/06/06
    Customer statement received 21/06/06
    Primary benefit claimed: Income Support
    LA Input document received by us on 06/07/06, marked “out of date claim”

    A RAT check shows Incap @ £59.20 awarded from 10/06/06.

    What is the date of claim and when should HB be awarded from?


    personally Mon following Date of First contact. Received within one month. Claim date date of first contact


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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