Collation of proposed schemes so far

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    Does anyone know if any organisation or person is collating the different proposed (or approved) schemes in a single place, and if so where?


    Rightsnet have a table of links to consultations (most of which come with some sort of outline draft scheme) here:-

    New Policy Institute carried out a survey of 64 early proposals – here:-

    We’ve commenced work on classifying and modelling the various local schemes to incorporate into our benefits advice systems.

    So far our results are broadly in line with NPI (approx 55% going for a liability restriction as their principal* saving measure and about 25% planning for no-change in 2013/14 (or no-change except for dropping 2AR.) The remainder are restricting CTS to a percentage of what CTB would have been,making a flat rate deduction or making other cuts as their principal change.) These figures exclude councils (of those surveyed so far) who didn’t propose a particular approach at consultation or whose approach was too vague to classify.

    (* Many of those with liability restriction as their principal are also band-capping, dropping (or raising) capital thresholds, setting min / max payments, altering NDDs and earnings disregards, changing treament of ChBen and child support, increasing (or decreasing) income taper, etc,etc.) Even where authorities approaches appear commensurable (e.g. moving a capital limit or restricting to a particular band – they will differ because of different definitions of protection or passporting.)

    I wouldn’t be too surprised to see the number going for no-change (and possiblly slightly simper schemes) increasing as the reality of what is acheivable systems-wise, the results of consultations and members’ views begin impact on the proposals.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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