Collecting a cheque procedure

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    anyone got a procedure for this (they wouldn’t mind sharing) in cases where the customer has been inconvenienced and arrangements are made for them to collect a cheque in person.

    I know departmental make up is different but audit requirements should be broadly the same. 馃槅



    Needed to get this moving so knocked up my own

    All welcome to borrow/adapt

    In certain circumstances, it is appropriate for a customer to hand collect a cheque.

    This may be for several reasons

    路 Extreme hardship caused by length of time taken to process claim
    路 Pericles issues including incorrect temporary suspension
    路 Cheque has been repeatedly produced with incorrect payee
    路 Cheque has been produced payable to old landlord
    路 Customer is facing impending homelessness

    The above list is not exhaustive but gives a general idea of the types of problems benefit delays cause tenants

    When a Customer Services Advisor identifies 2 or more of the above problems through contact with the customer, they will bring the case to the attention of the Team Leader.

    If they agree, the Team Leader will complete a green 鈥渞ent allowance cheques to be held鈥 form and take this to the postroom by ?WHAT TIME? And ?WHAT DAY?

    The customer is invited to attend the Civic Centre on Friday morning at 11:30am and ask for WHO or ?just the duty reception officer.

    The customer should be advised to bring proof of identity with them when they attend the Civic Centre.

    The reception officer will alert the post room who will bring the cheque into the public area and ask the customer to sign for ownership of the cheque.

    This is then confirmed against the signature held on file and the cheque is released.

    The customer is made aware that the collecting of a cheque is NOT a regular event (maybe we get a form designed for them to sign?)

    The CST Team leader acts with the authority of the Customer Services Manager (or Head of Policy & Improvement).

    Audit trail paramount

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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