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    Already tried this on main HB board but not getting many answers so thought trying here might help…

    I’m afraid this is very long but please bear with me…
    We are currently investigating our options on recovery of AdPens and how our systems are going to cope with it. I would like to know how others are collecting AdPens in relation to CTB excess benefit. The Regs state that AdPens can be collected by all the methods that the overpayment is collected but CTB overpayments are generally added to the council tax bill and there isn’t anything in council tax regs that would allow us to recover AdPens through the same methods as the charge so I believe the regulations between the two are just not compatible.

    There is an opinion here that where we have a penalty for both HB and CTB they should be added together and recovered together, even by deductions from ongoing HB. I am very doubtful of this as the regs on recovery state by the same means as the overpayment is recoverable but CTB overpayment is not recoverable from ongoing HB so I think this would be unlawful. Any comment?

    I would be interested in any opinions on methods being used for CTB AdPens and if anyone has opinions on IBS system for recovering either HB or CTB AdPens. I have looked at various Fraud circulars, regs and websites but it mostly covers getting penalties and then falls short at the recovery stages.


    We have recently decided to recover an Ad. Pen from ongoing HB. It was the claimant’s suggestion and we got his specific authorisation to do it. I don’t see why in these circs. it couldn’t be done for CTB too. It’s the customers entitlement after all!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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