Commissioner says VF/SG is good guidance?

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    I’m sure I have read a CD recently that bascially says that, although it’s not law, VF/Security Guidance is sound guidance.

    I can’t find this case anywhere.

    IF it actually exisits (and I’m not imagining it), does anyone know the number?

    Many thanks


    I wouldn’t say he said it was “sound” guidance, maybe just “guidance” but commissioner Jacobs in CH/0402/2007 mentions it briefly.


    Commissioner Fellner’s decision CH 999 2002, although not specifically stating the Verification Framework is sound guidance, comes reasonably close to doing so. It’s been out for a while though, so maybe not the one you are thinking of.


    I suspect you may be thinking of the late Ms Commissioner Fellner’s decision in CH/999/2002.


    CH/999/02 possibly…?

    Edit – Beaten to it!


    You aso might like to consider CH/0402/2007 in which the Comm took a slightly different view (and one I much prefer).

    Kevin D

    It may be stating the obvious, but that isn’t going to stop me….

    VF et al may well be sound guidance in and of itself. The difficulties start when LAs apply it regardless of the circumstances relevant to individual claims. ANY guidance has the potential to be sound; it depends on how it is applied. Cmmrs have, generally, taken a negative approach to VF (& its successors) not because VF is rubbish, but because some LAs have applied VF as if it is the law. It isn’t. That’s why Cmmrs get hacked off ([i:b93ab04cbb]a technical term which I fully expect to see enshrined in future CDs…..[/i:b93ab04cbb]).

    If the DWP want VF etc to be the legal standard, then the legislation should be changed. But, the DWP have steadfastly failed to enshrine VF standards in LAW. And then, effectively, criticise LAs who fail to follow it…… 🙄

    Left hand / right hand?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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