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    We have a savings credit only claim paid clerically back to 07.10.03 -05.04.04 as PS had problems gathering the information from the claimant.

    Claimant made a claim with us 28.06.04. At that time no Pension Credit details were available. We wrote for further info and claimant did not supply anything. The claim was non-qualified September 04.

    Then we received an ETD from the Pension Service 01.11.04 giving details of savings credit only with a start date of 13.04.04.

    We telephoned PS and were informed that from 07.10.03-05.04.04 the claim was paid clerically and we would need to request details in writing of income etc used.

    What start date would you use for this particular claim? Would you write to the Pension Service for details or would you ask the customer when she wants to claim from??


    Darren Tompkins

    The relevant points for me would be
    – The Pension Service have awarded PC from 07OCT03 so they must have received a claim within that year, and we should use their date of claim as our date of claim.
    – The PC regs say that the customer does not have to inform us of changes in income when they are in receipt of PC, so even though they never replied to query letters we should not take thisinto account.
    – The customer meets all the requirements (over 60, claim made, and continuously liable for HB/CTB).

    Based on the above points I would start the claim from 13OCT03. I would also obtain the info from the Pension Service (especially as it seems it is hard getting info from the customer).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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