Is a conservatory classed as a living room

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    We have a scenario where mother and daughter want to take on a joint tenancy. They have stated that the mother will have exclusive use of a lounge and a bedroom and the daughter will have exclusive use of a bedroom and a conservatory.  If we are satisfied that this is infact the situation and not just a way to get round the shared room rate of LHA can we class a conservatory as a living room?



    I have asked a couple of Housing Officers and their opinion is that you can but only if it isn’t glass framed


    Common household = 2 bed rate each regardless of how they split the rooms.

    Then again this sounds like one of those LHA-maximising landlords so be careful how you respond, otherwise they might end up charging double the 2-bed rate for this 2-bed property.

    John Boxall

    Given that, as joint tenants they each have equal rights to the whole property, there may be an arguement that any joint tenancy agreement that purports to divide the property between the tenants contains terms that are not enforceable so is contrived/non commercial

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    As they are joint tenants and neither have children if we are not satisfied that they have exlusive use of another bedroom/living area then they are subject to the shared room rate. Therefore I believe they are doing this solely as a way to get round this so that they can have the 1 bed rate.

    We have since gone back to them and asked if the landlord has specified this in the terms of the tenancy so the last point makes for an interesting argument.


    Andy Thurman

    As Michael has said, the LHA position is (almost certainly) 2 bed rate each.

    Mum & daughter (hidden behind the ill-advised and almost certainly made-up/engineered “2 separate rooms” statements) will be living together as one household as per caselaw actively supported by DWP.

    That means that they both have a room for themselves and a room for the other in their LHA assessment. Case law has also shown that the “2 rooms” exclusivity is only valid where the liabilities are separate. (If a joint tenancy, use of rooms is purely a matter between them.)

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