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    Stuart Macd

    Does anyone have any handy tips on how to maintain the New regs with all the changes.

    Seems to be a full time job in itself.

    I have tried to obtain the new regs in word documents to enable me to maintain the new regs that way but I can’t get copies anywhere.


    On no account should anyone abuse Crown copyright and so I do not condone the following steps in any way at all. If you come across anyone behaving in this way, report them to the authorities. To help you identify the offending copyright pirate, look out for the following suspicious behaviour:

    The thief has gone to the 2006 SIs numbered in the 200s on OPSI:


    Next, s/he has opened up the html web version of each set of regs and saved as a complete web page to their local machine. They have then opened this document in Word (in the file/open dialog box, they may have found that only .doc was mentioned in the file type window – but they selected html type instead from the pull down menu). They found that it opened up as a giant table, but they did a table/convert/table to text and it behaved itself generally, although there were still be some odd bits that they wanted to reformat as a table like the values in Schedule 3.

    They also found that all the links in the table of contents were absolute references to the OPSI site, so to use them they were going to have to reset them to look for locations in the saved document.

    As I say, that’s how the copyright abuser would have done it. Keep your eyes peeled. 😉

    Julian Hobson

    They might if they were really wicked open the Si in the OPSi website and choose “edit with ms word” in the file drop down. This way they will have an MS word doc that can be saved as both a web page and an MS word doc (for future editing) to their server. Just remember to overwrite both doc types each time you do any amends.

    The advantage of having the web page on their server is that anyone in that organisation can access it from their browser and even have it as a favourite.

    The only problem with doing this (so I’m told) is keeping a track of which version operates at any one date. You could try putting footnotes in to show when changes were made, but how much time have you got.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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