Contact Details for Working Families Tax Credit

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    Hi we are trying to get in contact with the department that will deal with the old working families tax credit. Tax Credit helpline has not been able to give us a number and I was wondering if anyone had a contact number.


    I may have been under a big misapprehension. I thought it was the same people who do Tax Credits working out of the same building somewhere near Blackpool. It used to be the DWP’s FIS centre, then FC, then somewhere along the way they were rebadged as Inland Revenue (now HMRC) staff, but it was the same officers sitting at the same desks I always thought. So if anybody has archives of WFTC payment histories, I would have thought they did.

    I might be completely wrong about that, though.


    This info may be outdated now.
    Current at Jan 2004.

    WFTC archives:

    Contact number is:
    01772 232906 if you have any general queries

    Actual case enquires only accepted by fax on:
    01772 235603

    And yes it is near Blackpool – its in Preston Lancs

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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