corporate debt – does it work

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    There has not been much about this and having checked, last time it came up the general concensus seemed to be be it was not a very good idea.

    I wondered if anyone was currently operating in this way and has it improved recovery – and does it mean that HB ops are bottom of the pile and therefore are allocated less money than other debts.

    Have you a written procedure or guidance to assist staff in making a decision on the amount to be allocated where a person owes several different debts.

    Is everything lumped in eg Housing rent arrears as well as ctax, hb misc debts etc.

    I am interested because we seem to be going down this route, and they are currently looking for a project officer, however I am not convinced that it is a good idea and also think it will be majorly stressful to implement successfully.


    Hi Caroline

    We have recently started a Corporate Debt policy here and although I am not directly involved, I am sure I could give your details to those who are for them to contact you.

    PM me and I will get them to contact you as we think it really is a very valuable tool!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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