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    Mrs X has been on HB and I/S for years. In July 2005 her son turns 18.
    For some reason our system (Northgate) doesn’t pick this up and we continue to treat him as a dependant.

    This gets picked up by an assessor in August 2006 who decides to make him a non-dep From July 2005, reassess on full deduction and writes out for proof of his income.

    Quite quickly, the claimant gets in contact and says he moved out in Feb 2005 (before his 18th birthday) and appeals the overpayment.

    Are we correct? I’m wondering if we are as the son moved out before he was 18 and as the claimant was on i/s there would have been no change in her HB.

    On the other hand, a dep child moving out is a relevant change that should have been reported even though her HB wouldn’t have been affected.

    Any ideas 😕


    Assuming that you have created an overpayment, you remove him for the purpose of determining underlying entitlement


    Of course! Silly me, I forgot that 😳

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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