Council Tax Banding Reductions back to 1993 and on benefit

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    We have a handful of cases where the banding has been reduced back to 1993 and where some of the people were claiming CTB. We converted systems 3 years ago and the data converted goes back to 1997 only. The data prior to that are on archiving disks.

    We have worked out the credits for the Council Tax element but the CTB should be worked out on the new figures. The only way we can do this is manually on paper which can be quite problematic especially if we cannot locate the archiving disks.

    Can i ask if anyone else has come across a similar problem and how they dealt with it i.e did they calculate the benefit manually or just refund the credits without doing so

    Andy Thurman

    The calculation is only problematic if there were breaks in entitlement. Otherwise, the amount of the banding reduction equals the amount of overpaid CTB. If you know can establish any periods off benefit, simply multiply the weekly reduction caused by the rebanding, multiply by weeks not on CTB and this is the amount of refund due (the rest should be raised as a CTB overpayment). 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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