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    just a quick question –

    a claim for HB/CTB has been assessed and the HB has been put in payment from 16/2/09 – a few months later we realise that we should have assessed the CTB side – we we re-assess this claim, do we consider this as a revision, as we made an error by not including the ctb at the time of the in itial assessment or as a new claim, because the ctb has not been assessed yet

    i am having a mare today, as i can see merits in both solutions

    Neil Adamson

    Not sure what the PFA angle is but as you have not made a CTB decision how can you then revise it?

    New claim for me


    If you received a claim for HB and CTB in February and assessed the HB but did not action the CTB I dont think a revision or a new claim is needed, you just need to make an assessment on the claim received in February and take a hit on your stats. You cant revise a deicison that has not been made and seems strange to request a new claim when you already have one that you have not actioned 🙄

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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