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    5, 4, 3, 2, 1……Opps! :~


    We had no records in our ATLAS file?! 🙁


    We had no records either – what an anti-climax!


    There are no records today, problem with the file. Had an email in my gcsx advising that we will be getting 2 files tomorrow…

    Naomi Armstrong

    No records either and the LAId was the ETD one not the ATLAS one…………


    I noticed the LAId was ETD one too, but early adoptor site confirmed that it will be ETD LAId code in the ATLAS file, not the SLOC (?!).

    Does anyone know whether the exercise matching the SHBE to CIS interests was successful in the end?


    We have not recieved a file at all – not even an empty one?


    It’s quite clear that there were obviously no changes to anyone’s Tax Credits input yesterday, which is why all the files are empty, apart from yours Karen of course.

    Have any of the early adopters ever experienced the empty file problem or was this especially postponed until the Big Bang day?


    We have noticed that our ATLAS code on CIS has now dropped out Local Authority name, however if you register a new interest using the same code today the name is there……


    All claims with our registered interest seem to have had the intrest transferred to another council. Apparantly there was some problem with the office IDs being input when they used the SHBE data. This is the reason why there is no data in the ATLAS files. Hopefully it will all be fixed for tomorrow.


    We’ve had some of ours transferred to North Ayrshire :O


    Ours went to Rutland (apparantly their number is the same as ours apart from the prefix)


    It beggars belief, on national roll-out day, that Atlas wasn’t tested over and over and over again so that there was no possible way that the system would possibly fail due to the embarrassment that this would cause the DWP.


    Actually it doesn’t beggar belief at all really does it?


    From Merton’s perspective, an early adopter, we have had odd days, may be two or three where we get empty files, since 09/05/2011. Prior to 09/05/2011 the start date for the early adopter LAs, we were told by DWP that on 09/05/2011 we would get our first data file dated 08/05/2011, which we did, as it contained 48 ATLAS records (for Saturday 07/05/2011 which they work as overtime, I think). So watch out for the volumes for Monday file uploads from the DTA.

    If roll out LAs have given the DWP their GCSX secure mail address, you should have got an email this morning entitled ATLAS update – 05.07.2011 with an attached PDF. It is addressed to the ATLAS Point of Contact in red text. I have pasted the contents. I like their euphermism for Technical issue. Don’t transfer those LA interests just yet. Good luck for Wednesday.

    No ATLAS files scheduled for Tuesday 5 July 2011
    ATLAS extended the rollout of HMRC transactions to all local authorities over
    the weekend 2/3 July 2011, so the first files will be received 5 July. As stated
    in the communication of 24 June, the ATLAS Local Authority Benefits
    interests were also updated. Unfortunately there has been a technical
    problem with the update codes which has resulted in the files for each
    authority not being populated with the actual tax credit data.
    All authorities will therefore receive an empty file.
    We apologise for this – the problem has been identified and the project will be
    re-running today’s output so that two sets of data will be received on
    We will issue an e-mail on Tuesday 5 July to confirm exact arrangements
    following discussions with DWP suppliers. As per the existing incident
    management process there is no need to raise an incident with the LA
    Security and Support Team (LA-SST) if you receive an empty file.
    Many thanks for your continued support.
    If you have any queries about this letter please contact us via:
    contact details published on the ATLAS webpage.
    ATLAS Communications Team

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