Court recovery of HB ops and adpens

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    We are a corporate debt teams so have HB ops and Sundry debts to recover.

    I have been advised that although you can recover HB ops using form N322A you cannot use this form for miscellaneous debts. Legal did say why but it is not clear. I think it is something to do with paying for a service for example replacing broken doors or Sewarage rates.

    So for miscellaneous debtors you have to use form N1 – this is more expensive and a longer process.

    If you have a HB overpayment and also an Adpen neither of which are being paid can you add the adpen on and request a judgement using the form N322A or does it have to be like other debtors and go on form N!



    I deal with the recovery of Housing Benefit Overpayments and Admin Penalties. I queried the recovery process of the Adpens with the DWP as to whether we could use the Award system alongside the Overpayment, they confirmed to me that we could use the N22A Award system for the HB overpayment & Adpen. This is because the Adpen is in relation to the Overpayment.

    I have completed two cases so far and obtained the Award for the total debt with no problems at all.



    Thanks for the response Wendy – that is what I thought would be the case 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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