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    No one replied to this on the subsidy/performance information board so hoping better luck on this.

    There have been circulars about the 2008/9 new performance data but has anyone seen anything about how we are supposed to submit the CPA for 2007/8 and the deadlines. Is the data needed going to be the same as last year?

    If we are supposed to use the Accellio software then is there a new template to take account of changes to security PMs plus the altering of the targets due to whoops we lost the child benefit data and HBMS is not secure. The hobbod site requires a password. Has anyone been given one?



    I can see that no one has replied to this yet, but I am also interested in finding out what if anything has replaced the Performance Standards return and how benefits performance will fit into the CPA assessment.

    Has anyone got any ideas!!!


    This will be the Audit Commission Key Lines Of Enquiry. (Some perople have been referring to them as Chloe). Much of the data will be extracted and many of the performance measures will also be tested during your subsidy audit with around 40 cases to be used on a COUNT basis – “Collect Once Use Numerous Times”.

    With regard to the subsidy audit details and the extra stuff they require I do not have the details as of yet. They are due out around June, provided the disc finds its way to the printers 😉

    chris harvey

    I’ve just posted some info on another thread, but this is how I understand it is supposed to work.
    CPA 2008 – based on PM’s only (not enablers) scored in 2007/8. You should already know your 2007/8 PM scores. External audit will be auditing your 2007/8 PM scores as part of the 2007/8 subsidy audit by checking PM1 and PM5 for the 40 cases they select for auditing. If you get qualified by them for PM1 or PM5 your score gets automatically reduced to 2 for the PM that is qualifed (so your overall CPA score could be affected by a qualification)
    CAA 2009 – no specific scoring mechanism. Benefit KLOE’s used only for the LA’s inspected (around 35 inspections so most LA’s will not need to do anything with the Benefit KLOE’s). Benefits will feed into the judgments made for the authority as a whole for CAA in the same way that all departments of an LA could show good practices/good performances to help show the authority as a whole performs well, uses its resources efficiently, provides value for money etc etc.


    Chris is nearly right in what he says, but I think the KLOEs should be considered as the replacement of the PS and LAs should be building their services around them. In respect of the BVPIs the external auditors will be looking at New claims and changes as part of their data quality work which I unserstand feeds into a use of resources score which in turn feeds into the CPA score.

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