credit card loans-treat as income or capital

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    Backdating has been granted for Hb and CTB for Dec04 to May 05. However, it was not awarded until the claimant provided proof of the origins of the credits of over £10,000 to her bank account for the period of backdating.

    She has since provided proof that these credits are cash advances/cheques from her credit cards.

    She has to pay this money back so I am apt to treat it as capital but as she was using these loans as income do I treat it as such

    I would be happy to hear from anyone who has has a similar case 😆


    Hmm, not had one of these.

    First thought capital, just like “any” (ok not students etc but you know what I mean) other loaned capital not spent; but what was it for?

    You said this was used as income, did you deduce this or have you been told this?

    This may change my opinion on how to deal with such a scenario.

    Nb. you may get more response on the “main” Hb/Ctb board.


    I too first thought capital.
    However, a local authority can treat withdrawals from a capital sum as income, where the sum was used to help cover living expenses over a particular period. As the Masked Assessor says – how do you know this – and even then there is a good case for regarding it as capital unless paid in installments, which does not sound the case here. 8) [/b]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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