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    Good afternoon,

    Im looking for some help and advice. The scenario is as follows:

    Claim submitted 23/8/06 (CTB only). Claim awarded 28/8/06. Backdate request recd 11/10/06 asking that we consider the claim back to 23/5/05 being the date that they moved into property. Backdate refused. Revision request recd 6/12/06 and again refused. Appeal recd 6 March 2007. When looking at this appeal I realised that the claimant did not appear to have a c/tax liability until 23/5/06, it transpires that the claimant did not inform our c/tax dept that she had moved until Sept 06, an exemption was subsequently awarded for the period 3/5/05 – 22/5/06, in error and apportioned to the previous owner. Therefore no liability and no bills. This has been corrected as of today.

    My question is, can we now consider the backdate as the liability only commenced today ? How could the claimant have made a claim for benefit timeously if she did not have a liability. I believe that the claimant was well aware that she should have been billed but the fact remains that she was not. No effort was made to query this.

    Thanks in advance.
    Joanna Bannatyne

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