CTB overpayment and Admin Delay classification

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    I am okay with the classification of admin delay in HB as it is linked to the information being received and not being processed by the time the next payment is issued.
    However as CTB is paid for the full year in advance when can we have an admin delay in CTB?
    We currently have our auditors in and they are looking to reclassify any CTB overpayment from the Monday after the change information is received to Admin delay.
    Anyone else come to an agreement on this?
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    chris harvey

    It’s claimant error up to the monday after you were told, admin delay up to the date you amended it (unless you had suspended claim) and future/technical from the date you amended it to the end of the year.


    I would say that Admin delay is from the Monday after the complete date. For CTB in 10/11 technical overpayment would then be from the Monday after the assessment date.


    Actual date of change 01.06.10
    All info provided to assess 01.07.10
    Claim assessed 02.08.10

    CE 07.06.10 to 04.07.10
    Admin 05.07.10 to 08.08.10
    Technical 09.08.10 to 31.03.11

    This does not apply where there is a suspension –

    If in the senario above the CTB was suspended on 07.07.10 then the technical period would start from 07.07.10.

    I hope that this makes sense and helps


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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