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    The Auditor has picked up on the fact that if a ctb claim is cancelled due to death for example, the northgate system counts the whole of the week in which the death occurs, as eligible for subsidy, when the guidance states that this is not the case, as we cannot claim any from the date of death to the end of the financial year.
    E.g. – claim cancelled from wef 7/6/11 (dod), subsidy claimed to end of week 12/6/11.
    How do other sites code this?


    I’m not sure that I get the question? I’ll have a go though.

    Subsidy in cell 142 will run until the end of the financial year but if the claim was cancelled from 07/06/11 then there should be an overpayment for 08/06/11 – 12/06/11 in cell 150 then 13/06/11 – 31/03/12 cell 149 so 0% subsidy claimed from 08/06/11.

    What subsidy has been claimed to the end of the week? (i.e. what cell number?)


    I agree that it should be a technical overpayment, cell 149 – Technical excess benefits.

    If you were claiming it as claimant or LA error you would get 40% / 0%/40%/100% on an amount that is not a true overpayment.

    The cells for technical excess benefits and excess benefit arising from budget substitution, transitional relief and reduced council tax liability have been merged this year.

    Some councils do not cancel the case but just supress benefit letters & contact council tax, when they end the account CTB will then mass calc & be cancelled CAC. This will make the ovepayment correct. I think if you assess before then you may need to manually amend your overpayment codes.

    Can’t say I’ve tested this out! I think there are a few other threads relating to this though.

    Contrary to the name, I’m not a subsidy expert – more of a novice! ๐Ÿ˜€


    Couldn’t have put it any better. If you cancel the claim before the liability has been ended by your Billing dept (or whatever you call them) then you are likely to get a period of C or L o/p which is incorrect.This will need amending manually. If you leave the system to cancel the benefit from the revenues side ending the liability, the o/p will be classified correctly.


    Ditto rent rebates if you still have housing stock


    Can i add to this query (bearing in mind i’m not a subsidy expert!)?

    We have a bit of a dispute going on in our office over how to classify excess CTB in the event of death.

    Circular 24/2010 gives the following example:

    Example 4 โ€“ CT liability
    Mr F claimed CTB on Thursday 1 April 2010 and is credited with a full rebate through to the end of the following March.
    Mr F dies on Tuesday 10 August 2010 and therefore he is no longer liable for CT from that date.
    His next of kin notifies the LA on Thursday 26 August 2010 that Mr F has passed away and the LA processes the change on Tuesday
    7 September 2010.
    There isnโ€™t a genuine overpayment of CTB, as the customer was no longer liable to pay CT.
    For accounting purposes the excess CTB is classified as follows
    10 August 2010 to 31 March 2011 = Technical overpayment [/quote]

    Does everyone agree with that?

    The issue one of our officers has raised, which i’m not sure is correct, is that when we are notifed of the death the CTAX liability has not “ended” on the system, and may take several days for the CTAX Dept to end. So where the liability has not been ended by the CTAX dept, when we make our assessment to end benefit do we classify the excess CTB from the date of death to the notification/ prosessing date as “other error overpayment”, “technical overpayment”, “CTAX liability ended overpayment” or what?

    Personally i’m not sure it makes a difference, but then as i said i’m not a subsidy expert!


    Thanks all, that makes perfect sense.

    chris harvey

    This is one of our auditors favourite areas. They make us check that where our assessor has cancelled the rent rebate or council tax benefit due to death or moving, we have amended subsidy from admin delay or claimant error to technical. If we have left the case to be cancelled overnight when housing or revenues end the account, the system will code it correctly as technical. It’s only when the assessor calcs it that the system looks at the IR date and splits up the overpayment into admin delay and claimant error.
    The Overpayments Guidance Manual explains that whenever there is no liability on a rent rebate or CTB claim any overpayment has to be coded as technical.


    The problem in housing cases is that it is often the case that our LSVT LL allows the tenancy to run on after death so that relatives can clear the property. Not sure of the legal basis for this to be honest but it can create trouble for subsidy if the assessor manually calculates the claim and doesn’t override the subsidy category.

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