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    Hi All
    On page 8 of the R&B_CTR_User_Guide_v1.0.doc it states the following

    'Where a claim has a passported income type but would be classed as vulnerable should there be any form of disability income within their benefit, to ensure that they fall into the correct scheme you should:
    Run RBE264 Claim with income code to identify any claims for example for Income code ESA (IR).
    Once you have identified that they are vulnerable (have a disability income) enter a disabled person status,
    Enter the disability income type'

    This is a little confusing as if there no Disability Income Type e.g. AA against the claim then it would not be picked up by RBE264. No doubt I'm misreading this, any ideas, anyone?



    I’m currently on secondment to Northgate so I know this!
    What they are saying is run RBE264 to pick up ESAIR claims (or other passported income as you wouldnt have any disabilty details) then use this list to, for example:check CIS. Then you can add in any disability incomes you find out about.
    You could also use the CTR campaign functionality to send letters to customers or generate the list for checking aginst CIS.
    Why this is important: when CTR is looking at allocating claims to schemes, if there is nothing to trigger a scheme (no Earnings or disability income for example) then the claim will fall into the WORKAGEOTHER scheme. So its a good idea to start looking at these claims now to make sure all your claims are correctly allocated come year end and save a few phone calls.


    Thanks Trish. Pick your brains a bit further if I may. We’ve run RBE264 for:

    ESA (IR)
    ESA (SC)
    ESA (WR)

    Active claims only. 15340 in total, A quick spot check of 10 and only 3 had the ‘DISABILITY(BENEFITS)’ personal status. Let imagine that number carries through for all 15340 claims (it won’t hopefully) we’ve got in excess of 10,000 personal statuses to enter. Any chance of a Northgate script to update them?





    Well as long as your income codes get mapped correctly (should be automatic, but its worth checking where you dont use the standard Northgate codes) then your non-passported claims should be ok, ie they will fall into one of the VULNERABLE schemes by virtue of having an appropriate income code on. Apart from ESA WR, that doenst count as vulnerable but SC does. (the schemes will look at EITHER income codes OR status)

    Its only the passported ones (ESAIR) where you may or may not have any kind of disability marker on the claim that you have to look at. My suggestion:
    I’d use Business Objects to look for the ESA IR income code where there is no Personal Status and no appropriate income (DLAC etc) Those ones will need checking on CIS to see if they do have any disability incomes (eg DLA or ESA SC) paid alongside their ESAIR. for those ones you can either add the income code in, or a personal status.

    We did talk about scripts, but if theres no data (ie no disabilty income code or status) theres nothing to work with. CIS it is I’m afraid, but hopefully you havent got 10k claims on ESAIR.

    anyway what are you worried about, you’ve got aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages yet!


    Thanks Trish. I’m ever so glad you’re there. Is it only ESA IR? that I need worry about (not a benefit dude and everyone else has gone). The sands of time are slipping :tired: what with CTR, Size Criteria data gathering, Landlord Portal push, and people have started mentioning Year End/Annual Billing…. I need a :beer:


    I’m glad I’m here too!

    I’d focus on ESA IR simply because those claims are more likely to have a disability than those on JSA IR. Most of your IS claims will in theory be pensioners (and therefore excluded) or lone parents, who may fall into the other vulnerable group if their child is under .

    If you’re “just” (and I use that phrase advisedly) a System Admin, you NEED to get a benefit person to help you with this. I’m lucky as I do both, hence the secondment, but this CTR stuff is really not something that those with minimal or no benefit knowledge should be testing alone.


    We had 750 to go through on CIS! we found that DLA had not been put on and for each one where we found DLA or a support component we had to manually put in the DP status!



    Just wondering (as this is a task I know we’ve got to do), about the justification you are using for checking CIS for information needed for Council Tax Support, when the data sharing regs don’t yet allow it.
    And if we’re having to add a personal status, will ATLAS processing turn that flag on or off, or is this another set of ATLAS stuff that we won’t be able to auto-process?


    We’re not looking too much in to this as we simply don’t have the capacity to check through near 9000 passported claims.

    DWP are due to do another SHBE match on ATLAS interests before they start sending the uprated DWP incomes. As ATLAS can load things like AA, DLA, etc onto claims, whether passported or not saves use the work. With the income attached to the claim it should get picked up as vulnerable?

    We do automate pretty much all of our income codes via ATLAS, but even if you don;t could you maybe use the info in the ATLAS files to match against your passported claims?


    I’d forgotten about ATLAS (read – blotted it out of my mind)
    If the DLA details come through via ATLAS and get loaded onto the claims (automatically or manually) there will be no need to also set a Disability status. When CTR gets to the point where its looking to allocate claims to schemes it will look for either income or status to trigger the Vulnerable group.



    Regarding when DWP do the next SHBE match are you saying that any claims on Northgate that do not have DLA details against them (but they do on CIS) will trigger a record to be sent in the first ATLAS file after the SHBE match?



    Hi Trish

    We are running through the CTR process and have just tried to run RRV102 which has failed after running for 2hrs 30mins. The error report states ‘No CTR parameters available for scheme Undetermined version Undetermined’. We only wanted to use the Pensioners scheme so have made the remaining schemes (other than base and control) not active. What have we done wrong?



    Hi Andy,

    My understanding is that the DWP have a project team together who are working to merge ETDs with the ATLAS info. They know it won’t be ready before January so, we know we’ll still have manually uprate things like Bereavement Allowance, PSCS, etc. However when they are ready to start mearging them, or prior to the bulk upratings of the other DWP benefits, they will tidy up the ATLAS interest held in CIS by matching the NINO’s against our SHBE. Therefore when we get the ATLAS file through, the uprated values should be created in the ATLAS file to import or do as you wish when you get it.

    At the moment we have DLA/AA incomes coming through ATLAS and inserting on claims (including passported ones)through the CLM403 process. Therefore the passported claims will also hold the disability benefit that will identify them for the vulnerable for CTR.

    With regards to your query to Trish, the CTR guidnace does advise you not to touch any of the parameters yet. All of the schemes on load of 6.6.1 default to the current CTB values. 6.6.1 is basically a checking exercise that CTB matching CTR to ensure the calc fucntion is working

    Our RRV102 also failed after about 2 hours (can’t remember error mind), but we had to get the Northgate guys to dial in and do something to get it complete. Aparently some know bug (didn’t elaborate on that mind) which will be fixed in a November patch)

    Happy days eh?

    Jenn :glasses:


    Thanks Jenn

    Northgate have just confirmed what you said about the parameters. Annoying as 4 of us were going through the document and we somehow conspired to miss that. It’s been a long week. I’m having one of my many test databases restored now so we can try again.

    Just a bit more on DLA and ATLAS if I may. I’m happy with the CLM403 processing of DLA records in the ATLAS files that we are loading now. My blind spot is what happens where a claimant was in receipt of DLA prior to the implementation of ATLAS but DLA has not been recorded against the claim by an assessor but ESA IR was. If the DLA does not change, it will not come through in an ATLAS file and therefore would not get processed by CLM403. Will DLAs be uprated and as such come through in an ATLAS file at the point of uprating?

    Additionally am I right in thinking that new DLA claims from April will actually be ESA claims and existing DLA claims will be migrated to ESA? If they are to be migrated does anyone now the time frame for that migration.

    The reason I ask is that we have in excess of 4000 claims with ESA IR but neither a recognised income code like DLA or personal status of DISABILITY. If the uprating process means we will receive new DLA records for all (or the majority) of this 4000+ then I can relax. If not…….


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