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    following a WEBEX today it seems that NG have omitted Underlying entitlement and advantageous changes from the WA default scheme

    I know these areas are absent in the DCLG default scheme but for our local scheme we wanted it retained as is until HB goes.


    Is this something that is concerning to anyone or have you all decided against U/E and AD CIC in your local shcemes?




    chris harvey

    I thought these were user defined in Northgate. If you wanted to allow an advantageous change retrospectively you keyed in the details from the earlier date, if you didn’t want to allow it back, you keyed them in from a later date. We are retaining the existing rules in year 1 and intend to carry on doing the same as now for UE and advantageous changes, the only problem we envisaged was having to allow advantageous changes for pensioners unless the DCLG amended the prescribed regs to mirror the existing rules. For UE in the absence of any specific rules I think the default rules imply you apply changes from the date they actually occurred so this is similar to UE anyway.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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