CTRS / hold change on start / beneficial and non-beneficial changes

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    Inga Mycroft


    Does anyone know if it is going to be possible to implement the hold change on start rules and the beneficial / non-beneficial changes on iWorld for HB claims but not for CTR claims. 





    Beneficial Changes: this from the CTR FAQ v4:

    Does the Default Scheme provided within the system apply the old CTB rules for advantageous changes and underlying entitlement?
    As previously stated this functionality will not be supported in Year 1. If local authorities wish to apply these type of rules it would need to be controlled manually.
    It should be noted that these rules have not been applied to the regulations for England, Scotland or Wales.

    Hold Change on start: this will continue for HB, but for CTR the Alignment rules have been built in. theres a page of examples at the back fo the CTR Admin guide.


    Inga Mycroft

    Thanks Trish I thought that was the case but I was on a course yesterday and it was suggested that we could do it…wishful thinking I guess 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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