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    My LA has appointed a Project Team to look at implementing a customer management system as part of a front-line services review. As part of this we are also looking at telephone applications for HB/CTB along similar lines as the Pension Service.

    I would be interested in getting in touch with anyone that already has this set up or is considering it to discuss how a customer management system interfaces with your benefits system.

    sue large

    if you look on the DWP website and search for the ONE evaluation report, it looks at how the telephone application process has worked in the pilot areas – lots of info about telephone applications 😆


    We are in a similar position. Our e-gov’t team have been looking into it, however they have been quoted £80,000 for implementation, so now this is to be looked at by our in-house IT bods.

    Guilford have a system in place, for on-line queries.


    Which looks to quite good and they are very helpful if you contact them.

    If you e-mail me on the link below I will send you the suggested script for call centre staff. However as it has been prepared by someone who does not work in benefits, there will be lots of amendments to be done.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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