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    I know it’s a buzz phrase at the moment but unfortunately we are going through the process of proposing a one-stop shop facility for our customers.

    We are a small district council and I would appreciate any comments from other LA’s (good or bad) regarding the implementation process and also the advnatages/disadvantages to the customer/council once the one-stop shop is up and running.



    Andy Shanks

    I think that a One Stop Shop is a good idea in theory , the problem we have in Slough is that the One Stop Shop is generic . This means that the staff tend to know a little about a lot of subjects , the other problem is that it seems that as soon as someone does become good enough [say to answer complex benefit queries] they then move to the benefits section as soon as possible . This happens to other sections someone who becomes good @ housing allocation or homeless problems tends to go to one of those sections . {I assume that an interest in a subject means that they learn more about , do some training etc and then want to see the interest through } .
    Positives are that we do not have to go down a see members of the public very often and we are not sat twiddling our thumbs if the OSS is quiet .
    So it all depends on how you are going to man the ‘customer interface ‘, if the departments involved are going to each give ‘experts’ this means that there will be people who can deal with enquiry @ stage one , but you could not be making the best use of the resources [when they could be processing the Hb claims for instance] .
    Its difficult balance between keeping the customers happy by providing the best service @ point of contact or keeping them happy by providing the best service [i.e paying their benefit on time , finding them accomodation asap etc]
    If we had more resources then we could do both !! but its public money after all and we have to do the best with what we have .
    I think that generic OSS + specialist sections are best as after all OSS can always ask if they are not sure .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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