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    Claimant awarded IS on 12/01/06, makes brand new claim & moves in 13/01/06, tenancy commences 09/01/06.

    Payable from 09/01/06 but on what income ?

    Is it assessed on IS, or does that come into effect only from the following Monday ?

    Kevin D

    HB/CTB to commence from 9 Jan 2006, based on IS.

    At worst, the [b:096991dcfb]claim date[/b:096991dcfb] is 13 Jan 2006 (same week as liability commenced). At this point, there is IS entitlement.

    [b:096991dcfb]HBR 76(2)[/b:096991dcfb] makes the start date the Monday of the same week.

    As there was IS entitlement at the point of the claim date, my view is that that is the income to be used for that week. If HBR 76([u:096991dcfb]1[/u:096991dcfb]) had applied, then the following Monday would have applied as usual.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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